We all know how difficult it is to prepare the suitcase before a vacation. Although it does not seem like it is a task that ends up getting uphill and in many occasions causing more of a headache.

Even in my case, traveling quite frequently, I find it hard to choose what to take with me on a short trip, a short trip or a vacation, because in many cases, the clothes and the objects to be carried are highly dependent on destiny.

That is why I have decided to prepare a list according to my traveling experience. Because it is absurd to fill the suitcase of unnecessary things that you will NEVER USE IN THIS TRIP. Keep it real! The first step is to recognize it;)

All these considerations will mark your list of things to carry in the suitcase, but these will be the essential:

Underwear: at discretion: D Never leftover and just occupy.
2 pairs of footwear (one for walking and one more groomed). If you plan to trek, remember to wear appropriate footwear. And flip-flops, always, for what can happen.
Basic bag: You are not going to live in Berlin, you only go 3 days! Forget about the dryer, iron and so on.
Mini-kit: With some Ibuprofen or Espidifén it is enough to get out on a short break.
2 pants (one long and one short)
3 shirts (or 2 shirts and a shirt, depending on the plan)
2 jerseys or sweatshirts
Coat or jacket (depending on destination), because northern Europe is cold even in summer.
A cap or visor
Sun cream: in summer is a must in the suitcase
Bikini: Depending on the plan you have.
Large multi-purpose towel: The same goes for the beach as for the cold
Gadgets and personal items: Camera, notebook and pen, mobile phone, chargers, a book and sunglasses
In the Zalando website I found a table prepared by an expert who describes very well what to wear in each type of trip, how to optimize space and other various tricks. In fact I was surprised because it fits much to the way I prepare my suitcase. I guess I’m doing fine then 🙂

What to pack in the suitcase for a summer vacation in Europe or other places in the West?

If you are going to go a week or two of summer travel in Europe, the things you have to bring will be similar to a getaway, but you can carry a slightly bigger suitcase. In my particular case I have always been more backpacking for the simple reason that my wrist is injured and the cart bags end up hurting me.

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